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BA in Anthropology, James Madison University. He grew up in the Ashe and Grayson highlands of NW North Carolina and SW Virginia...playing, exploring, and collecting in the outdoors. His love for those highlands is surpassed only by his love for family and friends. Art, science and competitive sports were his creative outlets through all levels of schooling. His professional background includes prehistoric and historic archaeology, illustration and fine art, teaching music, and guiding in the outdoors. Other interests are geology, natural systems study, and architecture. In all endeavors, his primary passion resides in understanding more about his surroundings, and unveiling the unity that exists in the variety of things.  As Co-founder Devin has led us with this stead-fast vision of the power of drawing connections within the world around us.  Currently he works as a field archaeologist for Monticello in Charlottesville, VA.

Allen Boynton

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Allen is a wildlife biologist with 30-year's experience working in the southern highlands of Virginia and North Carolina. He is employed by the VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and was formerly with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Allen earned degrees from Virginia Tech in 1977 and the University of Vermont in 1979. He has worked on a wide variety of wildlife conservation projects in the southern Appalachian mountains. He spends an inordinate amount of time birdwatching and lives in Troutdale, VA.

Rebecca Rader

Rebecca Rader is a VA Master Naturalist in the New River Valley Chapter, founder and President of the New River Valley Mushroom Club, and Executive Secretary of the North American Mycological Association. She is currently a wine consultant at the Kroger in Christiansburg and works on artwork in her spare time.  She volunteers with Blue Ridge Discovery Center because she believes that strengthening the connection children have with nature through experiential learning is the way to ensure a better future for all citizens of the planet.

Bob Perkins

Bob is a retired history professor. Although he only began serious birding in 1998, he has been interested in insects since second grade and was an avid angler for many years. He leads bird and butterfly walks, uses a digital camera to record what he sees, and makes presentations about birds and insects. 

Carol Broderson

Longtime hiker and current trail maintainer and coordinator of youth groups and service projects for the Mt. Rogers Appalachian Trail Club. Retired teacher, current substitute, volunteer tutor, and art business owner. Hobbies are the study of geology and plants, gardening, and a twenty-years-so-far nature journal. A goal is to help build bridges between outdoor organizations. She is now working with teachers in the Trails to Every Classroom program and helping to start an outdoor club. 

Evan Worrel

Evan operates our eye to the sky with a night time star watch program we offer the community.

He has a degree in Environmental Resource Management from Virginia Tech.  Evan currently works as the Astronomy Assistant and Naturalist at Primland in Carrol County, VA.


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