Sunday Field Trips
May 14th, 9:00AM

Please Note All Sunday trips leave from Grindstone Campground parking area.


Join BRDC's Allen Boynton, Wildlife Diversity Program Coordinator with the NCWRC, for a morning bird walk at Grindstone Campground. This program will begin at 8:00AM.

Drawing from life

Art as a form of exploring, discovering, and sharing.  Join BRDC co-founder Devin Floyd to explore this world where art and science are one, where paying attention, using your senses, and observing carefully are essential to seeing the informative details and patterns that hide right before your eyes.

Wildflower Walk

Join Rally Godmother Carrie Sparks for a stroll around Grindstone Campground in search of wildflowers.  The trails are guaranteed to be lined with all sorts of beauty.

Forest Ecology

Join ecologist Austin Thomas for a hike exploring forest diversity and ecology.  Sturdy shoes, dress for high altitude weather, food and water are necessary. 



The Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally is a grand tradition that dates back to 1974. Over the years it has gone through many changes but the root goal has stayed the same: to connect our community to one of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. If you would like to see this tradition continue for the next generation please consider making a donation to support the Rally.