Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally 

This BRDC signature event highlights the crown jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia.  The Mount Rogers area, which includes Virginia's three tallest peaks, has long fascinated scholars and explorers.  Not only is there a wide variation in altitude, there are many different ecosystems and mini-ecosystems within a short drive or hike of each other. This area is a naturalist's dream come true.

Twice a year, Spring and Summer, we assemble a variety of field trips with leaders who are experts in their field and who make it understandable and interesting for everyone from inquisitive amateurs to accomplished naturalists. 

The Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally has adopted the Leave No Trace Principles as a guiding reference for participant and guide etiquette. Please refer to their 7 Principles for more information.

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The Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally is a grand tradition that dates back to 1974. Over the years it has gone through many changes but the root goal has stayed the same: to connect our community to one of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. If you would like to see this tradition continue for the next generation please consider making a donation to support the Rally. 

All of our field trip leaders volunteer their time for the Naturalist Rally, so let them know you appreciate their sharing their time and knowledge with us!