Blue Ridge Explorers Club

Our group of explorers gathers as peers throughout the calendar year to expand our knowledge of the Blue Ridge. We hike to destinations, search out specific species, focus in on different subjects of natural history, and go on journeys together. Some hikes are led by experts while others are simply investigations. Some of our past explorations include full moon hike on Whitetop Mountain, searching for the Long-stalked Holly, Canoeing the New, and Hike to the Cascades, Exploration of Sullivan Swamp. Each year we also participate and volunteer for the spring and summer Mount Rogers Naturalist Rallies.

This is an excellent opportunity to become more familiar with the natural history of our region. Anyone can join on the field trips and add their interest to the club! To sign up please contact:

We typically meet at Creek Bottom Brews in Galax, VA on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm. Please check out our calendar below for an event to participate in.