Honey Suckle Blooms

Well, if you haven't ever experienced the sweet nectar of a honey suckle bloom then you had one deprived childhood! I'm joking, but if you haven't, you should go snatch one off the vine, gently nip the butt-end of the flower with your incisors and suck the nectar to your tongue. Every time I do it, it brings back memories of long lazy summer days as a 10 year old navigating thickets and crossing fences. 

With honey suckle in full bloom we decided to try a recipe for Honey Suckle Ice Cream, hoping to capture the sweet luxurious flavor of the nectar in a mass quantity. After picking a half gallon of blooms and steeping them in heavy cream, the flavor was more earthy and green than the expected heavenly scent nectar. Maybe the issue was heating the blossoms too much... regardless, after a night of resting in the fridge and being swirled into ice cream the next day, the flavor had mellowed and was palatable to a four year old again! It perfectly complimented the blueberry pie that we put together in efforts to use up the last of the frozen bags from a summer ago.