Fly Fishing Camp

$795 (Members) / $755 (Non-members)
Tuesday-Saturday, July 23-27
5 days / 4 nights
Ages 11-15
Location: Base Camp, Troutdale, VA

The creeks, streams, and rivers of the Blue Ridge offer a variety of fly fishing opportunities perfect for a beginning fly fisher or an experienced angler to build their skills. After learning the basics of casting and equipment, you will get your line wet fishing in farm ponds for largemouth bass and bluegill. You will then advance to fly fishing Fox Creek for brown and rainbow trout, a high mountain stream for native brook trout, and ultimately a guided rafting trip down the New River for smallmouth bass! In between fishing, you will learn how to tie your very own flies from feathers, fur, and thread while having the satisfaction of catching fish on the flies you made! 

We will teach you every aspect of fly fishing from top to bottom and give you a solid foundation for a future in fly fishing. This includes casting, knot tying, reading the water, equipment management, wading safety, and fishing ethics. Our guides have years of experience fishing these waters and will assist you in gaining the skills and knowledge needed to feel confident with a fly rod. You’ll leave this camp ready for a lifetime of fly fishing! 

"When I picked him up he said, "I didn't miss you." He said it is one of the most fun camps he had ever done!" - Fly Fishing Camper Parent

All fishing equipment is provided by BRDC. 

Highlight Activities:

  • Equipment Basics: Rods, Lines, Reels, and Flies

  • Casting: Basic cast, roll cast, shooting line

  • Fishing Ethics

  • Knots and Leaders

  • Fly Tying: Poppers, Streamers, Dry Flies, and Nymphs

  • Snorkeling Habitat Study

  • Trout Food: Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddisflies, and Midges

  • Fishing farm ponds: Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, and Crappie

  • Fox Creek: Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout

  • Floating the New River for Smallmouth Bass and Muskie

  • Bluelining Mount Rogers: High elevation native Brook Trout

  • Campfire Cooking

  • Nightly Casting Competitions with Camp Guides

Camp Photo Gallery

*Payment can be made online through the sign-up button above or through the mail. Please make checks payable to Blue Ridge Discovery Center, 6402 Whitetop Rd, Troutdale, VA 24378

**To complete registration please download and complete the Camp Registration Form and mail to: Blue Ridge Discovery Center, 6402 Whitetop Rd, Troutdale, VA 24378