National Fishing in Schools Program

The National Fishing in Schools Program is a nationwide, in school program created by Katie Cole at NFSP.   It teaches a positive lifetime activity of fishing to students in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.  NFSP educates students about fish, insects, aquatic environment, resource stewardship and conservation using fishing, and learning the skill of casting, as the instructional tool. 

NFSP makes gaining the skills of fishing easy-to-learn, easy-to-administer, easy-to-teach.  The curriculum creates positive results for both student and teacher and it also leads to:

  • moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • better understanding & respect for the outdoors
  • increased awareness of our environment & natural resources

BRDC believes that this wonderful program can give our youth a life long interest in engaging with the our mountains.  To find out more about this program please visit the NFSP website at: