Natural Heritage Program

The Natural Heritage Program for 4th-5th graders provides students with an understanding of natural systems and explores all aspects of the natural history of the Blue Ridge's forests, fields, rivers, and mountains. Through classroom sessions and field trips, students study plants and animals in their environments.  Through observation and discovery, they will deepen their connection to this region we call home.

Lessons Include:

  • Insects- Monarch Butterflies
  • Dendrology - Leaf ID/Dichotomous Keys
  • Owl Pellets/Bird Feeders and Citizen Science
  • Geology - Plate Tectonics/Cranberry Gneiss
  • Mammals - Opossums
  • Animal Tracks and Signs - Casting prints
  • Herpetology - Hellbenders/salamanders/frogs
  • Geography - The Blue Ridge Mountains

This program will enhance the following SOL’s for fourth grade:

  •  4.1 a,b,e   Scientific Investigation, Reasoning and Logic
  • 4.4 a,b,d    Life Processes
  • 4.5 a,b,c,d,e,f    Living Systems
  • 4.9 a,b,c,d    Earth Resources
  • VS 1i    Skills
  • VS 2a,b,c    The Physical Geography and Native Peoples

This program will enhance the following SOL’s for fifth grade:

  •    5.1 a,g    Scientific Investigation, Reasoning and Logic
  •     5.5 a,c    Living Systems
  •     5.7 a,b,c,d,e,f     Earth Pattern, Cycles and Change
  •     USI.2 b,d    Geography