Northern Pygmy Salamander T-shirt (Heather Brown)

Pgymy salamander preview adult.png
Pgymy salamander preview adult.png

Northern Pygmy Salamander T-shirt (Heather Brown)


Available in unisex sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. T-shirt is 52/48 ring-spun cotton/polyester.

This T-shirt features the Blue Ridge Discovery Center Salamander Logo printed on the right sleeve.

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Sport this stylish graphic tee proudly and show your love for a species that makes the Blue Ridge Mountains so special!

Named Desmognathus organi after herpetologist James Organ who laid a foundation for salamander research in the Mt. Rogers area, this Lilliputian salamander is truly a sight to behold. Pygmy salamanders have a characteristic herringbone pattern which resembles pinecone scales, and a beautiful golden coloration. A terrestrial species of dusky salamander, northern pygmy salamanders forage for small insects atop the leaf litter on cool, moist spring and summer nights. In fact, pygmy salamanders are excellent climbers and have been found foraging several feet above the ground on the bark or vegetation of trees. Unlike most amphibians, they will even lay their eggs outside of the water and the female will fiercely guard her brood from predators and infections. As a testament to their name and size, an adult female coiled around her eggs could fit easily atop a quarter.

With your purchase you are supporting Blue Ridge Discovery Center's mission to inspire creativity, discovery, and critical thinking through interest-driven and hands-on activities focused on the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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