Youth Spruce-fir Moss Spider (Green Triblend)

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SFMS Preview Youth.png

Youth Spruce-fir Moss Spider (Green Triblend)


Available in youth unisex size S, M, & L. T-shirt is 52/48 ring-spun cotton/polyester.

This T-shirt features the Blue Ridge Discovery Center Salamander Logo printed on the right sleeve.

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Sport this stylish graphic tee proudly and show your love for a species that makes the Blue Ridge Mountains so special!

Spruce fir moss spiders, Microhexura montivaga, are often affectionately referred to as the “tiny tarantulas of the mountains” because of their resemblance and relation to the giant tarantulas of tropical regions. This species is a critically endangered spider restricted to the rare Southern Appalachian spruce-fir forest habitat on a few mountaintops of the Blue Ridge. These spiders are certainly tiny; adults seldom grow larger than one eighth of an inch. These spiders construct thick tubes of silk amongst the rhizomes of hair cap mosses such as Dicranodontium and Polytrichum. Their webs resemble those of the also related trapdoor spiders, and mainly hunt tiny soil microfauna detected crossing above. Few have seen this spider, and it remains one of the more mysterious denizens of southern boreal forests.

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