Animal Tracks & Signs in Grayson County Schools

This month, Grayson County students learned all about Animal Tracks and Signs.

BRDC Program Director, Lisa Benish, showed fourth grade students examples of tracks made by animals found here in the Blue Ridge. Students were asked to reenact the walking patterns of species such as white-tail deer, black bear, and eastern cottontails.  

Fifth grade students learned about the different types of animal signs -- trails, beds, rubs, and scat.  The students tried to identify signs shown in a slideshow. One of the program's goals is to open the students' eyes to the evidence left by wildlife.  

After the slideshow, students had fun exploring antlers, feathers, scat, and skulls that are often left as signs. Lisa Benish and education assistant, Cassidy Williams, worked with small groups of students to engage them in the exploration of the natural world, asking the students questions about the different items.