The Blue Ridge Discovery Center is creating a bold new approach to ecological awareness and outdoor learning that encourages healthful outdoor activity while supporting the growth of a prosperous, sustainable economy based on the Blue Ridge region’s amazing natural assets.  Through a broad grassroots network and strong regional partnerships, BRDC has built a wide range of programs, collaborating with local school systems, public agencies, and other non-profits. These programs emphasize natural history explorations, environmental education, training, research, and community service.

Founded in 2008, BRDC has built a reputation for innovation in designing programs and initiatives that address a wide range of outdoor interests. Attracting all age groups from children to adults, including professional researchers and amateur naturalists, BRDC draws on a rich vein of local knowledge to highlight the enormous variety of flora, fauna, geology, and habitats that make up the globally unique Blue Ridge ecosystem. Emphasizing education and community service while encouraging higher levels of visitor appreciation for natural attractions within the Blue Ridge region are goals that shape BRDC’s work and its vision.


BRDC inspires curiosity, discovery, and stewardship through the wonders of the Blue Ridge.


We envision a world with deep appreciation and understanding of place.

  • BRDC provides opportunities for people to discover the wonders in their backyards, parks, forests, fields, rivers and mountains.

  • BRDC fosters a community-based interest in sharing biodiversity with others through guided education activities.

  • BRDC brings the principles of ecology, sustainability, and discovery to the next level through collaborations with various educational and established outdoor institutions.