School of Fish

As the school year wraps up, the student's hard work as part of the Trout in the Classroom program is paying off.

Students from Carroll County, Piney Creek in Alleghany County and Grayson Highlands School reared brook trout fingerlings from eggs for the last 4 months.  Now the students get to feel the pride of releasing the young trout into local streams.  

With an emphasis of connecting students to the cold water streams of Virginia, the program outlines the benefits of healthy native brook trout habitat.  The partnership between Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fish (VDGIF), local schools and Blue Ridge Discovery Center (BRDC) brings together all of the pieces to make the program a success.  The VDGIF supply the trout eggs and approve the release locations.  The schools provide classroom curricula surrounding the care and monitoring of the tank and the trout.  BRDC provides the technical expertise to setup the tank and to raise the fish as well as leading a hands-on stream ecology program during the release of the trout.  

Most importantly, the students bring their curiosity and enthusiasm to discover not just what makes great trout habitat, but also the pride that comes with being a part of the Trout in the Classroom program.