Carol Broderson: New River Notes

New River Notes

Yesterday I walked about 12 miles on the New River Trail, from Low
Water Bridge to Byllesby and back. It was great to get out in the
warm, sunny weather after three days of rain. The river wasn’t flooded
but was much refreshed. The low water rapids at Double Shoals had not
been erased by the high tide. I saw one violet and one aster still
blooming, and I was glad to see the state park workers had not mowed
the equisetum (horsetail fern, equisetum hyemale, rough horsetail)
this time. Last season they did mow one of our best plant
representatives of living fossils on the New River Trail. The dam
gates at Byllesby made loud clanging noises that could be heard for
miles away. On the car ride home, I had a good view of the water
rushing over the Fries dam, the most in recent memory, and the mist
rose up as high as the falls.

Carol Broderson