Snow, act one

Awakening to nearly ten inches of new snow, the dogs and I headed out to explore the strangely transformed landscape. After reaching the bottom of the south hill, we looked up to view our house before entering the woods. The dogs had begun an arduous walk, nearly burrowing themselves with every step.

After rousing five does from their protection beneath the pine boughs, we quietly edged our way to the creek's edge. What is always most exciting to me is the creek's changes through the seasons, and always its steady beauty.

It was not quite cold enough for ice formations along the creek, such as I have seen on other days. I captured a few small ice events, however.
I pondered the issue of snow's weight on the plants around me, realizing that maintaining leaves through the winter could have a negative effect on the limbs and branches. Perhaps this would be another adaptation for some plants, to lose their leaves entirely.