Mountain View Elementary School

On March 26th, a group of folks gathered at Mountain View in Ashe County, NC, to place bird houses on campus. BRDC along with Blue Ridge Birders and Ashe County Garden Club, arrived with post hole diggers, screw guns, poles, and baffles. Taking instructions from Ruth Turnmire, our target teacher, and the maintenance crew, most houses were placed on newly erected poles, while a few were wire wrapped on trees.
The houses were donated by Bill and Margaret Dunson, know to this blog, and are members of the bird club. Doug Smith, another bird club member, coordinated both with the bird and garden clubs, while Allen Boynton and Scott Jackson-Ricketts wore the collective hats of BRDC and BRB.
Because of the tightened schedule due to our long winter, the kids were only able to participate towards the end of the morning. Regardless, they were given the opportunity to help dig some holes, tamp and set poles at two sites. Allen and Scott answered questions and listened to stories, while the kids were present. I only wish we had a picture of the girl who managed to find a handfull of earthworms while picking up some rocks.