The May 1 Byrom Park Bioblitz, species noted by Team 10

The Central Virginia Blue Ridge has a new forest preserve on the way. On May 1, a large group of scientists and naturalists (60+) descended upon the area for a preliminary biological assessment. I was on team 10, and here are some of the things we saw.

-On the eastern flank of the Blue Ridge in Central Virginia
-Lat/long: 38.227902,-78.660403
-Elevation survey range (Trail E) 1270' -1850'
-Survey Team #10

-Catoctin Formation (Metabasalt)
At site E-10, in the stream, there were large and beautiful specimens of microcrystaline quartz ranging from bright greens to deep reds. This very well could have been a material source for Native Americans.

Noteable Habitats
Wildflower meadow (E-1). This spot is unusual in that it is a bit of a flat area on the mountainside. The bedrock is the mafic and mineral rich Catoctin greenstone, probably adding to the diversity at the site. This habitat would be a good wildflower destination, particularly for its thick grove of showy orchis, but also for the dozen or so other wildflowers that are blooming there on May 1.

Mafic Boulder (E-2).

The woods were full. Most of these were observed at site E-1, at the top of the E trail.

Indian Cucumber Root (not in bloom)
Showy Orchis
False Solomon's Seal (budding)
Early Meadow Rue
Tall Meadow Rue
Perfoliate Bellwort
Wild Geranium
Pink Lady's Slipper (along E trail at elevation 1320 +/-)
Early Saxifrage
Puttyroot Orchid (***past bloom***). A reader more knowledgable than I pointed out that this plant flowers after the leaves die back! So, this plant was NOT past bloom.

Common Polypody (growing on the giant mafic boulder, E-2)
Cut-leafed grape fern


American Toad
Northern Dusky Salamander
Seal Salamander
Southern Two-lined Salamander
Eastern Red-backed Salamander
White spotted Slimy Salamander
Eastern Newt, red eft stage

Mammal tracks
Bear scat
Bobcat urine...territory marker (pee -yhooo!). (At E-8)

Giant White pine (E-8) circ. 8', 5".
Giant Chestnut Oak (E-9) circ. 10', 6".
Groves of slippery elm, witch hazel, spicebush
A low elevation striped maple

Canadian Owlet moth caterpillar (on the early meadow rue)
Gold Brown Rove Beetle (in the bear scat)