Rowland Waterfall

Rowland Falls, Thomas Bridge, VA.
May 23, 2010
Mike and I found the falls today, looooong and winding road getting there! My goodness!...but, we did it, and we found the bleeding heart!!!!! I don't recall ever having seen them before in the wild so it was so very exciting for me. I wish my pictures were better (makes me want a better camera!)....the falls were wondrous...we took off our shoes and climbed around.
One thing that struck me was this saxifrage, by the falls. The light was doing a wonderful thing on the water droplets collecting on these teensy tiny translucent moss-like plants behind the saxifrage on the rocks. Mist off the falls was collecting on the tiny leaflets of the moss and magnifying and shining this electric green that just sparkled. I'll have to go back when I get that good camera. Mike tuned into pink on the massive rock wall across the falls and recognized there were lots of bleeding heart running in the cracks...we viewed those with binoculars.