Let the Students Go Outside!

"Teach 'real world' skills" ; from the Galax Gazette, July 11, 2010.
A letter from Lauren Kamoda of Hillsville:

"I’m a rising senior at Carroll County High School. I’m 17 years old.
In my educational life, I have come to the realization that no one in the school system teaches you about real life.
You are taught to the Standards of Learning in every class. Then every once in a while you will have a teacher to tell you “This is something that you will use every day after you graduate.” Will you really?
I attended the Wytheville regional governor’s school for 10 days. I took a philosophy class with Liza Fields, and in that class I learned more in 10 days than my entire grades K-11 learning experience.
We took walks, hiked up Sandstone Mountain, had class discussions, and asked questions that can’t be asked in regular school.
My suggestions to improve the learning experience for the upcoming classes are as follows: let the students go outside!
We sit inside to learn about biology, when biology in its natural environment is outside!
Class discussions — everyone has an input, let them share it. It builds trust, respect, and confidence — all things you need in the "real world."

-Lauren Kamoda, Hillsville

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