Flat Rock Church/Community Center Event

September 13th, 2010

By the good graces of Rebecca Bullock and Terry Gregory (pastor), (not to mention my Mom, Janis Ricketts), BRDC was invited to participate in their summer community Monday night program. Rebecca is known to BRDC as a supporter both financially and morally, so I jumped at the opportunity to contribute.

At the last Blue Ridge Birder’s meeting, Jim Keighton shared a power point slide show of his yard, the plantings and what attracted the birds. Recognizing the value of his show, I asked him first if he would be willing to offer that to the church crowd, but due to his Mahogany Rock hawkwatch commitment, he declined. Bob Perkins stepped in, a valued volunteer for all BRDC events, and brought Jim’s slide show with him.

The Independence Methodist Church put out the word in their Sunday bulletin, as well as the local newspapers, yet we were surprised when 32 people showed up, most of which were an older group. Refreshments were plentiful, as is the custom, and promptly at 7:00PM, Rebecca introduced me, I introduced the crowd to BRDC and Bob, and the show began.

By all accounts, we were well received, even to the point that we were immediately asked to return soon, with another program. Bob did a great job, with his relaxed and intimate manner, and to him I give the most credit for our success.

-Scott Jackson Ricketts