Thank You!

Dear Scott,
I want to thank you and the Blue Ridge Discovery Center for spending time with my family, including my children and grandchildren, exploring the world around us in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia. For the past two years, we have benefited from your willingness to come to our farm and spend the morning walking across fields identifying grasses,flowers, insects and birds and then wading through creeks with adults and children looking for hidden treasures like salamanders and other critters.

You have awakened an excitement in our children by raising their awareness of our surroundings and the magnificence and wonder of it all. This summer the children were so excited about your visit that they waited on the front porch for your arrival, jars in hand. You have given us a gift that can’t be measured.

We look forward to more opportunities to learn and to experience our environment with you and the Blue Ridge Discovery Center.

Thank you.
With all good wishes,
Patricia Divine