SiteSection, "What is it?"

"SiteSection":  (noun).
1. a location-based approximation of diversity in living and non-living systems, beginning below ground with geologic substrate, moving up through saprolite, soils, water, herbs, shrubs, trees, and air, and including all living things there-in. The approximation includes humans (we are mammals, Homo sapiens sapiens), past and present cultural activity, land use over time, and how that fits within ecosystem evolution through time. A result of the SiteSection program will be the creation of a visual communication of the ecosystem and its components. Participants investigate these things and collaborate to share what is found with the broader public.
2. an outdoor learning program of Blue Ridge Discovery Center (BRDC), created in 2010 by Devin Floyd and field tested during the summer of 2011. The SiteSection program is designed to get participants of all ages collaborating on research and exploration in some of the most unique habitats in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

SiteSection Program Objectives
1) to better understand a globally rare Blue Ridge habitat while providing an excellent and innovative learning environment for participants
2) to provide creative and sophisticated ways of communicating the multimedia data that is gathered during the project, for state and local agencies as well as the community at large.
3) to use the information gathered by participants and staff to make an official habitat management recommendation that considers education, research, public access and conservation.

Within this triad of objectives resides our commitment to a shared educational experience, including the science+art approach. Thus, we reach kids, their parents, teachers, and establish SiteSection as a fundamentally important tool for furthering BRDC’s mission.