Project Fish Bugs Poster

The purpose of this exercise was to familiarize the students with the process of careful documentation as well as taking a closer look at the critters themselves. We hope by helping them focus through creating these amazing drawings, that the entire experience...from our field study day to this final product...will be more greatly understood and appreciated.

These young people should be very proud of this outcome. We applaud Mrs. Gramm's efforts and the good work her students accomplished.
In early December, Scott collected the drawings from Christina Gramm, the art teacher, and handed them over to Aaron, who arranged the sketches into the poster format. Each participant in the entire year's Fish Bug experience has received their own copy. Both local newspapers, with Christina's help, published front page coverage of this BRDC sponsored art component.

This kind of collaborative effort is central to BRDC's mission, and helps illustrate the great possibilities for even more ambitious projects. By studying what is close at hand, we all grow closer to the details. We once again would like to thank the Harris and Frances Block Foundation and the many others whose support made all of this possible.