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I wish to direct you to this older blog post page, and scroll down to the Walkin’ Jim Stoltz event:

And now to this:

Joyce Rouse, or Earth Mama, introduced our community to Jim Stoltz, in 2009, a gift for which we will all be eternally grateful. Joyce has served on the board since its beginning (1998) and Jim was a co-founder of MUSE , or Musicians United to Sustain the Environment:

The point of this post is to direct all of our blog fans and friends to this new web radio cast: It is free and self-explanatory. MUSE has aligned its organization with in an effort to enrich and strengthen their mission.

Joyce and her husband, Richard, have been incredibly supportive of BRDC from the beginning. Joyce will step into the role of MUSE President in early March, and since I currently hold that title with BRDC, she and I have agreed to share ideas and board issues as we both move through our parallel learning curves. Further, MUSE recently granted BRDC $1000 to be used in BRDC programs’ art components. Thank you, MUSE!

Scott Jackson-Ricketts