Answer to the bird quiz

Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with receiving only two responses...and they were both incorrect, 
though close...warblers with wing bars, and potentially in this region at this time of year.

William's stab at Magnolia no doubt included a look at the pair of wing bars, which would be correct in a female or first year male, but the strong yellow back is inconsistent with any age Magnolia.  Also, in the adult breeding male, the wing bars merge into one.  Most birds of this species show a darker back, green to black.

Aaron guessed Chestnut-Sided, again a good guess, and probably based on the wing-bars.  As with the Magnolia, breeding males show one wing bar. There is more yellow on this bird's breast and back than is typical of Chestnut-Sided, and the striping under the wing area, is not consistent with this species, though it would for the Magnolia.

Our bird is a Black-Throated Green, same bird as the one in the quiz...pictured below.

Thanks, let's do this again.