Avian Adventures in the classroom

On Wednesday, February 13th, the day after our BRDC led field trip to Burkes Garden, Eric and I spent the entire day in Emily Brown's classroom introducing BRDC and birding through Avian Adventures to all five classes.  (Refer to previous post.)

We used Sam Starkey's (a supporting science teacher also from Galax High School) photos for the focus of our presentation.  In the picture above, we have from left to right:  Bill Sturgill, Eric, and Emily...along with rapt students.  Eric referred to the target birds we discovered on Tuesday, and extrapolated from there to discuss behavior, plumage, feeding strategies, habitat, migratory events, and associated land use practices within the garden.

We engaged the students by taking questions...many of which were quite sophisticated...and attempted to answer them.  Emily instructed each student to respond on paper how interested they were in becoming involved in this program, who would be willing to make time for field trips, and who among them might be available for supporting an art component. 

Eric and I are convinced that we have in Emily, Sam and the school staff, a enthusiastic group through which to work.  We are honored to be invited into the Galax City School system, and look forward to more field trips and related programs.

Below are two more pictures from the field trip day...rolling along!

Scott Jackson-Ricketts