Classroom preparation

BRDC High School Birding Presentations

On May 23


, Eric Harrold, with assistance from Scott Jackson-Ricketts, gave a brief introduction to bird identification and field guide use to five high school classes at Galax City High School.

All presentations were organized by Ms. Emily Brown and held in her classroom.

88 young people participated.

Eric had the kids use the Sibley’s Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America, by showing them slides of certain species for them to find in the guide.

While the kids thumbed through the field guide, he pointed out the basics of field identification, including plumage, silhouette, habitat, behavior and other clues to sorting out one bird from the next.

Contained in the slide show was a live connection to Cornell’s Lab or Ornithology website, allowing the kids to hear bird songs and make further comparisons.

This, especially, caught their attention…listening to the wide variety of bird noises.

This effort was all in preparation for a field trip slated for the next day, in Grayson Highlands State Park, where a select group would try out their new found skills.

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Scott Jackson-Ricketts