Late May and early June Moths in Carroll County, VA

I've been slow about posting. Here's some of the good stuff from the last four weeks or so: Allotria elonympha,  False Underwing.

This one is a bit more exotic: Baileya australis, Small Baileya. It appeared on my moth sheet for the first time.

Leuconycta diphteroides, one of the fun green moths.

Macaria bisignata, the Red-headed Inchworm Angle Moth. It's both common and one of the easier Macarias to identify.

Xanthotype urticaria, False Crocus Geometer, possibly. Telling it apart from the Crocus Geometer using photographs is about as productive as drawing on an inside straight in poker.

Zanclognatha cruralis, a litter moth. Separating the various species of Zanclognatha can be as difficult as sorting out Macarias.