Pretty Moths

June continues to produce its share of moths that catch the eye. A Pink-striped Oakworm Moth appeared on the 18th. It, Anisota virginiensis, is a Saturniid, a silkworm moth. This one is a female.
 The second moth is a White Furcula, Furcula borealis, a Notodontid, that showed up on the 15th. Prominents can be confusing, but this one is pretty as well as easy to identify.
 The last moth put in a brief appearance this morning, the first day of summer. Because it wasn't stopping, I grabbed what I could get. It's a Pine Sphinx, Lapara sp. Northern or Southern? I can't tell for certain. The two species overlap here in the southern Appalachians and may cross-breed. It's safer here to stop at the genus level.