Around the yard in Carroll County, Virginia

I've been collecting images for a while and it's time to post them. Keeping track of what comes to the moth sheet and what visits the butterfly bushes keeps me busy. The first photo, Megachile sculpturalis, is a Giant Resin Bee, a native of east Asia and Japan. It appeared in North Carolina some years ago.

I collected the Rhinoceros Beetle, Xyloryctes jamaicensis, in order to get a decent photo. I found the beetle lying on it's back waving its legs. When I turned it over it immediately began to crawl away, so I put in in a bottle and stuck it in the freezer until I could take a photo.

Orthosoma brunneum, Brown Prionid is one of the tooth-necked long-horn beetles. The larvae are borers that live in a group, making extensive excavations in dead trees.