Blue Ridge Expeditions: Sullivan Swamp

On June 7th, a small group of us met at the Massie Gap parking area of Grayson Highlands State Park for our second local Blue Ridge Expeditions hike of the year. Roald Kirby led a 4 mile walk around the edges of Sullivan Swamp, sometimes taking us off the trail for a while.  Bushwhacking, he said, can bring surprises.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.48.38 PM.png

Out in the open fields, grazed by the the park's famous (or infamous) ponies the Catawbas grow to shrub height and no taller.  But in the woods, competing for the precious light source, they become more the size of small trees.

These observations and many others were shared by Roald with our inquisitive group.  Roald worked as interpreter at this state park for a number of years, and has a strong historical perspective he willingly ties into the natural.  The combination makes for a most informative and fun expedition.  Stay tuned for upcoming BRE hikes.