(May 2015) Grandfather Mountain, a Profile, by Miles Tanger

May's Book Club selection is (May 2015) Grandfather Mountain, a Profile, by Miles Tanger.  This is a BRDC kind of book! He starts it off with a diagram illustrating the forest types by elevation and slope exposure - from 1500 to 6500ft. Then he adds a single page glossary that includes definitions for: vugs, talus, boreal and passerines! Excited to get into this book!

"Many have seen it, but few people know it well. Now come visit the Grandfather Mountain in its complete history, and full stature as one of the world's great mountains. Grandfather Mountain: A Profile travels back to the origins of this living entity, then traces its unique development--geological, natural, prehistoric, and modern humans-- to the present day, where it still stands alone as the grand patriarch of the Blue Ridge Mountains."