December...A Great Time to Study Geology!

BRDC's Natural Heritage Program offered geology programs to the students of Grayson County Public Schools during December.

First, fourth and fifth grade students gained knowledge of geology through a series of hands-on activities. First graders read books and learned about fossils. Fourth graders studied the rock cycle using play-dough as their muse. They created sediments then turned those sediments into sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks in quite the colorful fashion. The fifth graders took it a step further and explored the layers of the earth, plate tectonics and continental drift. The best part for them was the milky way candy bars used as a demonstration tool for plate tectonics....the EATING of the candy bar of course!

These programs enhance current SOL's and give the students additional reinforcement on these subjects. It is a pleasure joining forces with these outstanding teachers and having a positive impact on these wonderful students!