Explorers Club @ Peach Bottom Falls

Imagine yourself arriving at this site after a 12 hour wagon ride in the late 1700's...site of an iron furnace and forge where early pioneer tools, as well as pots and pans were cast.  Later, electric power for the town of Independence was generated until 1935. 

The Blue Ridge Explorers Club visited the falls and discovered stoneflies and caddisflies under rocks in the creek, coneflower, wingstem, rock overhangs perched above the stream,  an unknown species of lizard, and Cedar Waxwings swooping down to catch insects at the top of the falls.  The first signs of fall were evident among the hardwoods in the mixed forest of hemlock, oak, and maple.  Above the top of the falls, the creek levels out into a peaceful valley with intermittent shoals and steep rock ridges.  

The group had a lovely time exploring and thought the little park a great place to visit during the hot summer months when cooling off in the pools of the creek would be most welcome.

Photos by Rick Taylor