Grayson County K-2 Reading Program

BRDC's newest in-school program, K-2 Reading, began last week with Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Bishop's 1st grade classes at Independence Elementary.  Our program volunteer Sarah Osborne read the book Monarch and Milkweed and discussed with students the importance of milkweed to the Monarch Butterfly. Students then used a lesson in symmetry to cut out and color their own Monarch. The kids asked excellent questions and teacher Mrs. Cox told her own personal story of raising a Monarch from a caterpillar.

The purpose of the Reading Program is to enrich nature discovery in grades K-2, using stories and illustrations based on the treasures of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This program uses nonfiction, imaginative tales and hands on activities, both indoors and out, to encourage curiosity and build relationships with the natural world. This school year, BRDC will be offering the program to all first grade classes, once a month. Each month, students will have the opportunity to learn about the habitat, ecology, biological diversity and life cycle of a variety of plants, animals and ecosystems. The October program will feature a book and activity about owls. What a fun way to discover the world around us!