Galax Middle School has a "Spook"tacular Week!

During Halloween week, Wildlife Rehabilitator and Naturalist Darin Handy, provided education and entertainment to the students at Galax Middle School. 

BRDC and Galax City Public Schools partner to provide after school enrichment to students in grades 5-7. Focusing on the Blue Ridge, BRDC brings hands-on, experiential learning with great guides like Darin Handy. Having 20 years experience with reptiles, he is the perfect guide to bring herpetology to the students.

Darin talked about the various species of snakes and turtles native to Virginia and the Blue Ridge.  He shared information about how they The students were thrilled to not only learn about our reptiles, but also see and touch some of them. The Black rat snake, Northern water snake, Copperhead and a Hognose snake were part of the suborder Serpentes brought on Monday while the Woodland box turtle, Eastern spiny softshell turtle, Eastern musk turtle, and the Snapping turtle finished the Testudines on Halloween. Is there any better way to send the kids off trick or treating than after coming face to face with Chelydra serpentina?!

Galax after school - snakes and turtles-7.jpg