Explorers Go Underground

BRDC's Explorers Club recently travelled to Speedwell to explore underground with expert caver Bill Grose. When the group climbed down into the cave entrance, they found themselves in a wild, seemingly uncharted world. The air was immediately cooler (which is why everyone dressed in layers) and all natural light disappeared.

Caving Speedwell-17.jpg

 Stalactites hung above like chandeliers.  The group was excited to find a creek deep inside the cave, and a multitude of tiny crevices to delve into with interesting formations everywhere. A few participants climbed up into a cavernous loft and found handmade ladders and ropes left by other adventurers.

A strip of bright, natural light brought the adventure to an end as the group emerged back into the sunshine, thrilled to have the opportunity to examine this incredible underground world.

Caves are sensitive in nature, with active populations of big brown bats. The need to preserve these delicate environments and the importance of bats to our ecosystem is also important. Due to the inherent hazards of caving, proper equipment is essential. Local Speleological Clubs are the best means to learn about and access the caves of SWVA.