The Appalachian Forest, A Search For Roots and Renewal

For May, the BRDC Book Club read The Appalachian Forest, A Search For Roots and Renewal by Chris Bolgiano.  

"Steeped in history, the Appalachian wilderness has been profoundly affected by the people who have lived and worked there. This volume traces the natural history of the Appalachian forest while taking into account the people and politics that have shaped its development. Bolgiano is well qualified to write about this area, as she and her husband make their home on 100 acres of the old-growth forest. She has done her research thoroughly, consulting experts from several area universities for information about forest growth, logging practices, fires, geology, Native American history, bird and animal life, conservation issues, and acid rain. The result is a comprehensive study, personalized with anecdotes of the author's own experiences living and working in Appalachia. The distinct, unique personalities of the mountain people enhance discussions of issues and politics, and the reader gets a feel for the reality of Appalachian life. Interest in this volume should not be limited to the geographic area in question, as it addresses the broader issues of ecology, conservation, and recreational use of public lands."