BRDC Science Fair - Grayson County Middle Schools

The fun and excitement continues as 246 students in Grayson County competed for prizes at the 3rd Annual Science Fair! Independence Middle School hosted the Science Fair again this year and accommodated all the students and their projects as they set up in the gymnasium.


Judging for the event began on Thursday evening with the review and scoring of the projects. Scoring was based on the students research question or problem, design and methodology, data collection, analysis and interpretation or construction and testing (engineering projects), creativity, and their display board. Friday morning, the judging continued with the presentation/interview section of the scoring. This is where the students got to shine and tell the judges all about their experiences working on the projects and the results of their experiments and testing.


During the event, BRDC provided programs for the students about animals and “What makes Grayson County so Special”. Darin Handy and Aaron Floyd (BRDC Executive Director) presented the programs. As this is a community event, parents and family members were invited to view the projects and be there for the awards ceremony in the afternoon.


The Grand prize was once again a mini 3D printer (back by popular demand) with subsequent 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes of Acorn Naturalist gift certificates, Best in School plaques and participation certificates for all. The Winners of this years Science Fair are:

A.J. Perry, Grayson Highlands School; The Humidity Dilemma; Grand Prize and Best in School
Meg Donley, Grayson Highlands School; Color Fade; 1st Place 6th grade
Kristina Barnette, Independence Middle School; Which Wipe Works Well; 1st Place 7th grade and Best in School
Christopher Barnette, Independence Middle School; Recycled Technology; 2nd Place 6th grade
Tierca Lawson, Independence Middle School; Germs are Everywhere; 2nd Place 7th grade
Preston Jones, Aaron Peterson, Independence Middle School; Do Plants Grow Better with Sugar Water or Well Water; 3rd Place 6th grade
Emily Vaughan, Independence Middle School; Keep Your Fire Burning Longer!; 3rd Place 7th grade
Ethan Lineberry, Rachel May, Jasalyn Trimble, Fries School; Make our Cafeteria Cleaner; Best in School

BRDC is very thankful for all the community support for this great event. Grayson Express, Woody’s Pharmacy and Subway all contributed financially towards the prizes. Also, we could not have done it without the help of our fantastic volunteer judges: Deb Greif, Kim Phipps, John Kovacich, Bill Hylander, Brenda Bonk, John Fant, Niki Weir, Henry Hobson, Ken Kreuzer, Beverly Fermor, Heidi Breedlove, Keith and Pat Andrews. Many hours were spent reviewing all the 161 projects. We could not have done it without you….many heart felt thanks to you all!