Nature Photography for Galax Intersession


Seeing something in nature that catches our eye is always worth a closer look, but if you’re carrying a camera it’s also worth the time to take a picture.  Getting outside almost always leads to beautiful sights and with photography we have the opportunity to share those visual treasures that stop us in our tracks.

Eight Galax School students were able to spend the mornings of Intersession week learning about nature photography on Matthews State Forest.  The BRDC workshop focused on the basics of photography while giving the students a chance to try out a variety of camera types from small “point and shoots” to professional level Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) styles.  


With warmer than usual February weather,  the State Forest’s loop trails offered lots of potential subjects even a few small insects and fresh leaves.  The students explored their surroundings through a camera lens as they dove into daily assignment which emphasized lessons on lighting, angle of view, background and design. As their hundreds of individual photographs were periodically sorted, the students were encouraged to separate only their very best images.  Although some of the decisions were tough, the exercise helped each student develop a more critical eye for photography. Progress throughout the week was very noticeable with fewer, but higher quality images being taken on the last couple of days.  


By the end of the week, it was obvious that these enthusiastic students were excited by the opportunities photography would give them to share their individual vision of nature.  As they headed to the bus on Friday, it was clear that they couldn’t wait to get another opportunity to develop their eye for even better images - several of the students asked “Will you be teaching this again at the next intersession.”