Earth Day Wildflower Walk

Such an exciting time! Spring brings with it a lovely display of ephemerals, birds and buds. Each April, BRDC, along with guides, volunteers and members, hike the New River Trail beginning at the low water bridge in Fries searching out the wildflowers. Carol Broderson and special guide, Snow Ferreniea enlightened us with their vast knowledge of wildflowers. A special thank you to them both!

This is the third year that I have joined this walk and I have yet to be disappointed. I will not bore you with the details but we had along an avid birder and a forester so we were triply treated this day. Here is our wildflower list and a few photos of the lovely plants: 

Dead Nettle, Holly, blue violet, golden ragwort, gill over the ground*, spring beauty,  common chickweed, garlic mustard*, wild geranium, coralbells, wake robin, jewelweed, black cohosh, blue cohosh, wild ginger, cutleaf toothwort, cranefly orchid, sweet white violet, dutchman's britches, early saxofrage, yellow fumewort, wood aster, solomon's seal, stonecrop, false solomon's seal, star chickweed, bishop's cap, may apple, waterleaf, canada violet, spiderwort, scouring rush*