Goin' Fishin'

The weather cooperated for a short afternoon fishing trip to a local pond. As part of this month's enrichment programs at Galax Middle School, BRDC guides instructed the kids on fly fishing. They began the course with aquatic insects and their life cycles, and progressed to parts of the rod, reel, and fly line, knots and finally casting. 

Friday afternoon, the kids climbed on the bus and headed out to catch a fish on the fly. After a quick snack, we hiked to a local pond that holds some bluegill and bass. Once at the property, we put the rods together, attached our reels, and strung them up with the fly line and leader. After several practice casts to regain our rhythm from the Tuesday lesson, we attached poppers, woolly buggers, and mop flies (the most successful fly). Spreading out to avoid hooking one another, we commenced to fishing!

Everyone saw fish and several had opportunities at catches with three fish landed for the day. We had a great time and are very appreciative of the good weather and the generosity of the private landowner that allowed us the privilege of GOIN' FISHIN'