Virginia Master Naturalist Course begins this week!

Love Southwest Virginia? Want to learn more about it?

The Holston Rivers Chapter Virginia Master Naturalist Basic Training Course begins this Thursday. If you’re ready to connect with the natural history of our region as a Master Naturalist, check out the course details below!

From Christi Edwards, VMN Holston Rivers Chapter:

Our Basic Training Course (classes and field trips) starts Thursday evening, Feb. 14th, at the Higher Ed Center in Abingdon and ends in May. Enrollment is required ahead of time.

The course is a great opportunity for new members to learn from regional experts about our region's natural resources, environment, and community. Whether you're a business person, teacher, parent, retired professional, college student, avid outdoorsman, or like me and didn't grow up here but love being outdoors and learning more about our region and where to go and what to do to enjoy all it has to offer . . . this is a great way to meet new people in a fun and interesting learning environment. It's an opportunity to learn about the many events around our region, new places to visit with your family, and unique and interesting ways to volunteer in and around your own community.   

If you are interested in this year’s training class, or if you know someone who would enjoy it, please use these links and attachment to learn more. 

Feel free to contact me (contact info below) for more info on class topics, speakers, or examples of our volunteer projects in southwest Virginia.

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Christi Edwards

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VMN Holston Rivers Chapter