Merit and/or Need-based
Summer Camp Scholarship Digital Application

(For printable version of Scholarship Application please go here.)

Summer Camp Scholarship Guidelines:

  • Applicants are evaluated without regard to race, religion, sex, or physical ability.

  • Funding is limited and scholarships are not guaranteed to all applicants.

  • Staff of BRDC and their children are not eligible for scholarship assistance.

  • Please fill out one form per child.

  • Scholarships will be awarded based on need and/or merit.

Qualifications: (Applications are based on MERIT AND/OR NEED. Please fill out appropriate information in the form below)

  • Merit-based Application: Demonstrated desire to participate in the camp, past history with the subject of study or unique qualifications that participant brings to camp. Letter of demonstration from participant and/or advocate is advised.

  • Need-based Application: Demonstrated financial need based on household income relative to number of family members.

Summer Camp Scholarship Application Process:

  • Application will be reviewed by our scholarship committee and notification about the application status will be sent by BRDC prior to camp start date.

Scholarship Type *
Name of Child *
Name of Child
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Name of Parent or Guardian *
Name of Parent or Guardian
Address *
Primary Phone *
Primary Phone
MERIT-BASED APPLICATION FIELDS (*If completing this application based on Need, this section is NOT required)
Character Reference Name
Character Reference Name
School teacher, family member, mentor, etc.
Character Reference Phone Number
Character Reference Phone Number
If you would like to submit a hand written letter, please scan and email to: or snail mail to Blue Ridge Discovery Center, 6402 Whitetop Rd, Troutdale, VA 24378
NEED-BASED APPLICATION FIELDS (*If completing this application based on Merit, this section is NOT required)
Name of Primary Provider
Name of Primary Provider
Name of Secondary Provider
Name of Secondary Provider
Eligibility for need-based scholarships is based on household size and income standards. If an applicant does not fall within the criteria but can prove other special circumstances, the scholarship committee will review and may grant a scholarship. Household includes all people (adults and children) living in the household, related or not (grandparents, other relatives, friends, etc.)
Annual Household Income
Please indicate your total annual household income from all sources (including wages, interest income, investments, alimony, child support, social security, public assistance):
Are there any extenuating circumstances, permanent or temporary, that make financial assistance necessary at this time?
Your Application is not complete until you hit SUBMIT below. Please be sure that you filled out EITHER or BOTH the MERIT-BASED and/or NEED-BASED sections prior to submitting.

(For printable version of Scholarship Application please go here)