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Starwatch with Evan Worrell on Buck Mountain

Part of the Blue Ridged Expeditions Program this is FREE to the public!

Join Blue Ridge Discovery Center's amateur astronomer and naturalist Evan Worrell as we explore heavenly bodies and the depths of the awe-inspiring universe in this intriguing hour-long program starting at 9:00pm on Buck Mountain. (meeting at 8:15 in Independence) Take a close look at our solar system through an eight inch telescope where you will get the chance to observe the magnificent rings of Saturn, Jupiter’s Galilean moons, and the phases of lovely Venus. Evan will help you identify constellations and talk about their ancient mythologies.

The hosts, Richard and Joyce Rouse, also happen to be the donors of the telescope in use! We will have outstanding views of the night sky from this knoll.  At around 3500' in elevation expect cool mountain night even on an 80 degree day. Please wear a hat and wind breaker if you want to be comfortable during the presentation. Also, feel free to pack a lawn chair for the meadow while waiting your turn to look through the telescope. 

The event depends on clear skies, so if the clouds hang heavy be prepared for the activity to be canceled. 

We will meet at the Food City Parking Lot in Independence at 8:15 and departing by 8:30 to carpool up the mountain together. 

No Sign-up necessary, just show up at the parking lot.