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Nighthawk Migration Picnic

UPDATE: We have been monitoring the common nighthawk migration in our region, and unfortunately, it looks like we have missed the peak of activity. As such, the Nighthawk Migration Picnic has been cancelled.

There's still an opportunity to participate! We invite you to do a little research on common nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) and their migratory paths. Pay attention to the skies between 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm in your area over the next couple days. If you spy any nighthawks passing through, we would love to know! If you can report back to us with a count (total number of individuals) and a location, it can help us to better understand C. minor migratory activity in this region. Hopefully we can catch them next year!

Observations can be emailed to Thanks so much!

This members-only event is an opportunity for the BRDC community to connect during the common nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) migration. Join us for dinner around 5:00 pm and hang out through the evening as we (hopefully) get to observe flocks of these cryptically-colored birds which are usually crepuscular/nocturnal and solitary. Registration required.

Nighthawk photo courtesy of Steven Hopp.