Independence Day Weekend Event

July 3rd 2010
Historic 1908 Courthouse
Independence, Va.

Devin Floyd, who had driven down from Charlottesville the night before, and I met and set up on the courthouse lawn between 8 and 9AM. Soon joining us for the day’s activities were volunteers Cecelia Mathis, and Claire and Susan Gleason.

The main program, agreed upon by the Executive Committee, was designed around arrowheads found in Grayson County by the Floyd family over a period of years. The arrowheads were displayed for general inquiry as well as used for sketching models. Those who were willing, sketched a chosen artifact, and then used the sketch to match it to a chart, provided by Devin. From the chart one could determine the age and possible use of that particular arrowhead, while discussing and comparing the different examples on hand.

Claire Gleason brought her pet corn snake, the gentlest snake in the world. This attraction brought people to our table in droves, while Claire answered hundreds of snake questions and allowed any willing soul to hold and handle her snake. Claire’s mom, Susan, helped describe BRDC to folks, and tirelessly collected names and contact information. Cecelia shared her experience from the BRDC sponsored Spring wildflower walks, and enthusiastically drew curious people closer to the table and our arrowhead demonstration.

It becomes increasingly apparent that wherever one goes, parents, kids, grandparents and the rest of us all become enriched by the discoveries inherent to outdoor related activities. Many adults were fascinated by our small arrowhead display, and spoke of their own private collections or ones they knew about. Some of that information is contained in the contact list, and hopefully BRDC can return to those conversations in the near future.

As Grayson County’s BRDC initiative grows, so do the possibilities, endless and rich. It is great fun to see three or four generations gathered around such shared interests, and the curiosity displayed most edifying.

Big hugs to Cecelia, Claire and Susan!
Scott Jackson-Ricketts

Photographs by Scott Jackson-Ricketts and Devin Floyd