July 4th

July 4th with BRDC in Indpendence, Virginia

For at least our 3rd year in a row, BRDC set up kid activities tables on the 1908 Historic Courthouse lawn.  Many are now familiar with and look forward to revisiting our always changing offerings.  This year we had several things going at once:
-Cecelia Mathis brought her laptop with a running feed of her excellent nature photos, and handouts giving the public an opportunity to contact her for free presentations...

-Deborah Greif created hats from newspaper and other recycled bits, which became the big kid attraction...

-and Eric Harrold and I managed the very busy owl pellet dissection table.

William Roberts was present to help any and all of us with needed assistance.

 From 9am until 2pm none of us had a break, and I estimate that we connected with as many as 50 kids throughout the day.  Many parents were equally entertained.