Project Fish Bugs goes to Raccoon Branch

Brandy Nichols, committee member (I think she's president) of Friends of Mount Rogers, contacted BRDC over half a year ago with the idea of our sharing a Fish Bugs demonstration with that group.  I committed then.

Aaron Floyd and Eric Harrold were both on hand for support.  We had an assortment of folks, with an age spread of 70+ years...not our typical crowd, but a welcome change.  Carrie Sparks and her grandson, Andy, arrived early to scope out which part of the creek at Raccoon Branch offered the easiest access, which worked out quite well.

The actual 'catch' of aquatic inverts was both surprisingly ample and diverse, giving everyone a chance to observe and compare stone-flies, may-flies, caddis flies, midges, dragonfly larvae, water pennies, Dobson fly larvae, as well as crayfish and salamanders.  The microscopes were a big hit, as we took samples of all the insects to be inspected in greater detail.