Habrosyne gloriosa

There are two species of Habrosyne, scripta and gloriosa. Of the two, scripta is more common, but the one that appeared on my moth sheet on August 11, 2012, was gloriosa. The photos provide two different views of a single specimen of S. gloriosa.

The way to tell the difference is to look at the AM (ante-median) line, in Habrosyne the curved line that runs from the costa (leading edge) near the base of the wing to the trailing edge of the wing. In scripta the line is a relatively smooth curve. In gloriosa it has a 90 degree kink that you can see in the two photos. Can't find it? Look at the two spots that are on the same plane at mid-wing. The outer one has a dark center and the inner one is reddish brown. The white AM line makes a right-angle turn around the basal and inner sides of the reddish brown spot.